Our Partners



Gadget grave


Gadget Grave specializes in bringing you gadgets back to life. While Free Geek Arkansas focuses on computing in the large, they focus on ressurecting any and all electronic devices. Need a tablet or phone screen redone, Gadget Grave is your go-to repair center.

Radio Shack

The local Fayetteville Radio Shack has been an enormously helpful, locally owned, resource for us and our customers. They stock plenty of helpful electronic components. Their helpful staff also keeps it fresh and we send plenty of folks over there for LEDs, Arduinos, and other off the shelf equipment.



Gear Gaming


When our fingers are numb we crawl across the street to Gear Gaming, also in Evelyn Hills, to get a war game or card game in. Glenn keeps it fresh with the latest from WotC, the Armory, and other table top gaming suppliers. Always a supporter, this store is always stocked with the latest gaming supplies.



Local trade partners


Local Trade Partners is  a wonderful resource to trade economic value between partner businesses. We have found great connections to other area businesses through their funding program. If you are in the Northwest Arkansas region, then reach out to become a partner with them.




This is our favorite space to spend time outside of Free Geek Arkansas. Retro arcade machines can be played all day and night for just $5. With prices like that, why wouldn't we spend all our free time there?






Since the beginning of Free Geek Arkansas, we have remained committed to recycling electronics responsibly. Before finding eSCO we would transport our recycling loads to St. Louis. Thanks to eSCO, we no longer have to make that trip. Our valued partner, eSCO, holds many certifications in the areas of recycling and data protection.